What matters

Fostering dogs for a local rescue is still new for us. Our last pup we had for 3 months while she healed from back surgery. The rescue spent thousands of dollars to save her life and now she is a happy, health and loving girl. She left for her forever home last week and it was tough to let her go. I knew in my heart she wasn’t meant to be our dog but when you care for something that long you fall in love with them. I thought I needed a break for a little while but I’m already thinking about the next one. I’m thinking it’s time to have another puppy even though house training can be frustrating and a lot of work. Yeah, it’s time for a puppy.

Everyone keeps asking me “isn’t it hard to let them go”. Yes, it is, but what matters is that we are saving not one but two lives. For every dog we foster the rescue can pull another from a shelter. Oh the horrors I have seen of abused and neglected animals. We can’t save them all but we can save one at a time. The best part is we get paid in dog kisses and tail wags and that’s all I need.