The Five Year Plan

The thing that I like about becoming minimalistic is the idea that you focus only on the things that add value to your life.  You are constantly reflecting on yourself and removing the things that don’t matter to you.  And, if you determine that something is important to you, then you find a way to keep it in your life.

When we started down this path, the first thing that we realized that we needed to do was to get our budget under control.  We needed to only spend on the things that matter and to truly be free, to be completely debt free.  Not just credit card debt, or student load debt, or a car loan, but be completely debt free.  If it’s important for us to include it in our life, then it’s important enough for us to own it.

Years ago when Carrie and I first got married, we had a lot of debt.  We had credit card debt, car payments, and student load debts.  It was awesome.  We worked on paying off our debts until a friend introduced us to Dave Ramsey and we read the Financial Peace book.  It taught us to budget better and to give us the courage to carry through.  We got rid of that mess years ago.  But now we want more.  We want to pay off our house.  If you want the freedom to live the way you want to live then you need to own the home you live in.  It doesn’t matter what kind of home it is; small, large, whatever, it only matters that you own it.  So, here’s our plan.  We have decided that we love our home and that we want to keep it.  But, we have 28 years left on a 30 year mortgage.  What were we thinking?  That isn’t in line with our values.  So we have figured out a budget that will pay off our mortgage in 5 years.  It’s the 5 year plan to ultimate freedom.