The Week Ahead

There are some things that I’ve been slacking on lately and it’s time to get work on it. One of the best ways to get achieve your goals is to tell about your goal and your intentions. It helps to keep you honest and committed. So, here are few things that I plan to do this week.

Update my Food 333 project. This has been something that Carrie and I have been doing for a few months, with mixed results. It’s time to start another 3 month cycle.

Update my Clothes 333 project. This is something that I have been doing this year which I have found to be very helpful and I have been very successful with. It’s time to update it for the next 3 months; particularly since spring has arrived in Tennessee!

Review my goals and priorities for the year. Both personally and professionally. I feel like I’ve been a little off lately and I need to refocus on those things that matter to me.

I’d love to hear from you on your goal settings. How do you keep yourself focused?