The art of a pack rat


Brian has been in spring cleaning mode and is eager to get the closets cleaned out and the contents of the unopened moving boxes given away.


I admit it. I am a bit of a pack rat/magpie/collector of “things”. I have a plethora of art supplies and artwork that sit unorganized in the basement. There’s my dollhouse from childhood. That box of china that I don’t really want. The overflowing boxes of Christmas decorations that need to be thinned out. I’m not so sure why it’s so hard to get rid of these things. I keep thinking that if I was better at organizing it wouldn’t be so bad. If only the house had one big storage closet…


My studio is even worse – more art supplies, more artwork, and paper. Lots and lots of paper. About a year ago I began to incorporate found and recyclable objects into my art. There was something so intriguing about bringing new life into unwanted objects.


The contents of my studio will continue to overflow my desk until they are given a new life, framed, and hopefully sold for someone else to enjoy. Once there story has been told they are easy to get rid of.


But the doll house, china and holiday decorations will sit in the basement for a little while longer.