Make It Your Own

When we bought our first house we immediately started to remodel it. We ripped down wall paper and painted every wall in the house. We remodeled bathrooms and installed custom made vanities. We repaired siding and painted the house a new color. Eventually we remodeled the kitchen and replaced the carpet with wood flooring. Overall it took us about 10 years before we were done. Then we decided to sell it!

When we first got married, we lived in north Florida, about an hour or so from St. Augustine. One of our favorite weekend getaways was to meet my parents in St. Augustine. We would hit the outlet malls, walk around the old town, and have lunch somewhere. In the old town there is a Spanish potter and one of the things they make is tile; including numbered tiles. So when we were remodeling our house we decided to put up house number using this tile. There was something about that tile that just fit for us. I don’t know if it was the memory of all the trips to St. Augustine. Or maybe it was simply that the tile carried a certain style that was popular in Florida, but wasn’t as popular in Tennessee; where we now lived. Whatever it was, when we hung those numbers next to our freshly painted front door, that house became our home.

When we finally decided to move, one of the reasons we chose our new house was because we didn’t feel that we needed to do much to it. It was well kept and overall the style fit us well. That’s proven to be remarkable true. Although there are a few home improvements we are itching to do, we haven’t painted anything. The carpet is the same. One of the things that I knew I wanted to do, however, was to replace our house numbers. So this past week my aunt and uncle were on their way back from Florida and they brought with them new house numbers; in that same Spanish tile from St. Augustine.

It’s such a simple thing and in the big scheme of things means very little. But there is something about those numbers that brings me comfort. Maybe it’s our old visits to St. Augustine. Maybe it’s the connection to our old house or the connection to our Florida heritage. I just know this. It feels like it’s mine and I am home.