Something New

I am impressed with people who know when it’s time to do something different. Tonight I stopped by a celebration for my friend who is leaving her employer to try something new. She didn’t come to this decision overnight and she didn’t come to it easily, but I realized tonight she has come to the conclusion that it’s the right next step for her.

It’s interesting to talk to people about their work and why they do what they do. Some people are so energized and excited about their work that you can feel the energy coming from them. Others are just surviving. They aren’t there because they care about their work or the mission of their organization. They are there because they just want a pay check. The people that I feel are the most passionate are those that are doing their own thing. They have found what they love and they are doing whatever it takes to do it.

For my friend she works for an organization that is in transition. It’s an organization that still offered her new opportunities for growth, but not in the areas that she wants. In the end she decided that it was time for her to move on and try some new things. She doesn’t yet know where she’ll end up, but she knows what she wants to do. Something tells me that she’ll find a way to do it and it will be the best thing she’s ever done.