Un-Expectant Visit

I’m not sure I should call it an un-expectant visit.  It was bound to happen sometime during her treatment.  This morning we took Carrie to the emergency room, where we found out that she was dehydrated and had an infection.  Nothing major, she’ll be receiving some rest and antibiotics for the next few days.  But to be true to my post about putting something up every day and including a picture of my day (which I think I said I would do yesterday), I’m putting up the picture that best represents my day.  It’s a picture of ER hallway.  Why is it that emergency rooms are always so drab and uninviting?  Maybe they should hire a designer.

  • Mary says:

    Your not supposed to want to be there!

    I am sorry Carrie has had more than her share of bad days lately. Here’s hoping she’s just front-loaded them for awhile.