Feeling Nostalgic

A friend told me a few days ago about a child that she knew that had just lost their battle with cancer. So, before you read anymore of this post, please take a moment to go tell the people who you care about that you love them.

This Week

Her story touched a nerve for me this week. So many people who I talk to have a story to share about how someone they loved had a bout with cancer. Some of them are hard stories about how they went through treatment, how terrible the treatment was, but how they survived. But far too many of them are stories of how the cancer won.

Last Sunday I brought Carrie to ER. She was having some difficulty with the last treatment and it had become apparent that she needed some help. It had happened before and when I took her to the doctor’s office on that occasion they gave her some fluids and sent her home. She bounced back and things got back to “normal”. This time it was different. It turns out she was not only dehydrated, but she had an infection.

We were lucky this week. Carrie got really sick and there was a moment this week that I thought that she may not rebound. But she has some really good doctors and they responded very quickly. She’s getting stronger and in a few days she’ll be strong enough to go home. But it will take weeks; if not months for her to recover. We are stopping her treatment. She only had one more round to go, but her body simply can’t take any more of the poison.

A Reminder

Life can change very quickly. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring. We knew that the chemo could be hard and there could potentially be weeks like these. But it’s been even harder than I anticipated. Early Wednesday morning I sat in the dark listening to Carrie’s breathing getting stronger and just realizing how lucky we were; how we dodged a bullet this time. And how glad I am that we are both here to fight another day. Because I for one am not ready for the alternative.

So, since I doubt you did what I said at the beginning of this post, please go tell the people you care about that you love them. You don’t know what tomorrow will bring.