Home Improvement Step Project

It’s been a while since I have made a post.  We have been really busy with work and family stuff the last several weeks that I just haven’t taken the time to put together a blog post.  And quite frankly, I really wanted the next post to be about a home improvement project that I have been working on.  I thought it would be a week or two, then that turned into three weeks, then four…. you get the idea.  But it’s finally done!

Our house sits down from the street.  There is a retaining wall made out of railroad ties with a set of steps in the middle of the wall that bring you down to a path to the front door.  The steps make a 4 foot drop and I’m pretty sure that the timbers were original to the house; which means they were about 30 years old.  They were still usable, but they were soft in a few spots and it was time to do something about them.

At the beginning of August my parents came to visit and I thought I would get my father to help me to replace the treads of the steps.  Unfortunately, once we remove some of the treads, it became apparent that the steps needed much more work than what we could accomplish in a single weekend.  The side beams supporting the steps would need to be replaced.  Because of the way this was constructed, it just became a major excavation and rebuild.  Since I was now going to remove and replace all of it, I decided to put block and concrete steps back in; which would be more stable and safer in the long run.

So my Dad helped me start the excavation.  But then he had to leave to head home.  Carrie got sick, which pulled my attention from this project.  What I thought would be about a 3 weekend project took a total of 12 weeks to complete.  Ok, the steps were actually completed 4 weeks ago, with the exception of the stucco.  But we had two weekends of rain and two weekends of family commitments.  That’s life and and it’s the kind of thing that can impact any home improvement project.

It’s been helpful to me to remind me to be patient.  Sometimes projects just take longer than you expect them to and they don’t come out the way you envisioned them.  But if it’s important to you,  stay the course and you can accomplish your goals.  And the reward of knowing that you didn’t give up and that you accomplished your goals can be one of the greatest feelings in the world.