A Walk in the Rain

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. The leafs are changing and the trees are starting to pepper my lawn with yellow and red hues. The mornings have a crispness that only the change of seasons can bring.

I know that many people contemplate their past year around Christmas time and start to make new resolutions at the beginning of the year. But I have aways spent the fall reflecting on the year so far. I think this is because it’s the one time of year that I give myself to not do projects. It’s a time that it’s ok to squat on the couch and watch football. Or camp out on the deck with book and a warm fire. Or to take a mid afternoon nap curled up next to Carrie and watch the leafs change to yellow on the giant maple tree outside our upstairs window.

Take Notice

This morning I went for a hike in the rain. I was looking forward to a hike all week. The forecast called for rain all weekend and it was suppose to get worse as the day progressed. So I had planned to spend the morning at home with a cup of coffee and a book. But after I watched the sun rise I realized that there won’t be many more days like today. The season is changing and now that November is a week away fall will start to make it’s exit to make room for winter. So I grabbed my rain jacket and headed out.

The hike was fantastic. For one, there were only a few other people out this morning. Since the rain wasn’t coming down very hard, there were a lot of animals out. Owls, deer, and turkeys around every turn. At one point I stood in the rain and watched a dear that was less that ten feet from me for a several minutes. The deer eventually took notice of me. But instead of running it just stared at me. We watched each other; both wondering what the other one thinking. It eventually became bored of me and slowly wandered off. That was a special moment. A moment that I felt alive. A moment that I felt that the world is so much bigger than we know. At that moment I felt connected to the universe and at peace.

It’s important to slow down and to appreciate the little things. The seasons are changing and this moment will soon be replace by another. Now is the time to take notice.

  • Becky says:

    Brian, that was so well said. Thank you for reminding us to enjoy the little things. I try to reflect during the year of all the people and things I am grateful for. I recently bought a wooden box that said thankful, grateful and blessed. As life get unpredictable and crazy sometimes I think about that. Thank you again for you and Carrie sharing your journey with all of us.

    • Brian says:

      I really like the idea of a box. It’s a great visual cue to pause and reflect on the important things in life.