Happy Birthday SimpleUs!

SimpleUs.Life is one year old today! Man, this past year has gone by so fast.

When we started SimpleUs a year ago, the intention was to write about our journey to a less materialistic and a more meaningful life. I think our original post summed it up pretty nicely actually. Even though I feel like we executed on that original purpose, the blog didn’t quite go in the direction that I thought it might. After all, that first post was written before we knew that Carrie had cancer. We could not anticipate what that would mean for us in the upcoming year. Even though we kept that sense of purpose; the tone took a turn towards one of survival and less than one of intentional living.

For the coming year we are going to get back to that original mission. A renewed focus to live an intentional life and to focus on the things that matter. I’m sure we will still write about our experiences with cancer. After all, it’s part of who we are now. And hopefully we can take that energy and make it something positive in how we live our lives.

The format of the blog is changing a bit. We have recently redesigned the site. In line with our philosophy, we’ve removed the things that don’t matter. Hopefully the site is cleaner and more focused now. We are also going to post more often, with shorter posts during the week, with a focus on a moment that day that we made a point to appreciate. We are also going to have the occasional guest post. That’s going to be very new to us and we’ll just have to see how that goes.

It is going to be a great year and I’m really looking forward to it. You never know what adventure life is going to bring you next. I hope that you’ll continue to follow our journey and let us know what’s going on with yours.