All Clear

Yesterday Brian shared the good news of another clear scan and I am happy to announce I am still cancer free! I was anxious for this scan and appointment with my oncologist. I didn’t realize how tense I was until we got got home — I was exhausted. Since I am still having some difficulty with pain in my legs and joints I was worried I was still experiencing side effects from the chemo. Come to find out this is not a side effect and I’m being referred to a Rheumatologist. I also still have “chemo brain” – difficulty concentrating, memory loss, and often lose my train of thought when talking. I feel confident that all of this will resolve itself intime.

We have had many things to celebrate at the end of this year. We had fun visiting with our family over the holidays, our precious new pup, my hair finally growing back, and now the good news of a clear scan. I will have another scan in three months and hopefully won’t be as anxious about it. I am feeling a bit more relaxed and now ready for 2016 and the plans we are making. I will be busy in the studio and hope to be making a trip to Arrowmont or Penland in the summer for an artist retreat. 

Wishing you all a happy, health, and fun-filled New Year!