Purpose Driven

I recently had the honor to record my friend Joe for a StoryCorps interview. If you are not familiar with StoryCorps, it’s a project to collect America’s oral history. Many of these interviews get played on the air on NPR. They all get archived in the Library of Congress. This is the second time I have interviewed someone for a StoryCorps, the first one being with Carrie. I encourage you to download the app and interview someone. I think it’s a rewarding experience for both people.

The Interview

The reason I wanted to interview Joe is that he has an interesting life. If you know Joe you know that he is someone who is constantly reflecting on his life and looking for ways to improve and to find meaning in the things that he does. The thing that I most admire about Joe is that he’s willing to act when something challenges his believe system. Many times when someone is faced with something that we say we believe in, we choose to ignore it. Either because it’s too hard or maybe we don’t actually value what we thought we did. Joe answered that calling and it changed his life in dramatic ways.

The interview is a bit long, but stay with it. There is a lot of wisdom in it that I think everyone can benefit from. And there is a some great advice that applies to everyone at the end.


Part 1:


Part 2: