My Time

The first time I walked into the kitchen the morning after I stayed at my in laws house, my mother-in-law looked up at me with a slightly worried expression on her face. 


“What?” I asked her. 

“A morning person just married a non-morning person.”

Those first few years where definitely frustrating at times.  The weekend would roll around and I would get up around 7, ready to get my day started.  Carrie would get up about noonish.  Come on!  The day is slipping away.  It’s half over already!  The irritation would sometimes ruin what time we did have together.

It’s not that we had anything we needed to do.  I just couldn’t stand the idea of wasting the weekend away not doing something.  I needed to be busy.  And I had not yet learned that it is ok for married couples to do things individually.

Over the years I have learned to accept this difference between Carrie and I.  I still get up early and Carrie still likes to sleep in.  Somewhere along the way I have learned to appreciate those early morning hours.  Those have become hours of reflection for me.  Time that I use to write.  A time that allows me to ease into the day. A time that I can just appreciate for what it is. I still haven’t learned to stay put for very long.  I like to shake off sleep at my pace, but I soon find myself wanting to move.  I guess I have learned to appreciate the quite.  The stillness still evades me.

This morning is similar to many mornings.  I am sitting on the deck next to my fire pit with a good cup of coffee.  As the sunlight starts to creep over the trees the birds are singing their songs.  Keva has quickly learned my routine and now joins me for this ritual.  As I finish my second cup of coffee I look at her and smile.  I still have a few hours to get a hike in before I need to get this day started.