Old Friends

An old friend dropped by the house this afternoon. I used to work with Eddie at a previous job that I had. It’s been about 8 years since I’ve seen him, but it took about 20 seconds before we fell back into our old banter. Here’s the thing you need to know about Eddie, I’m pretty sure he did too many drugs when he was a young man. I talk fast when I get excited, but Fast Eddie will go through twenty topics while you are still thinking about the first. It’s absolutely fantastic. He came over to give me some advice about a home improvement project that I have started. That took about 2 minutes. An hour and two beers later, we had caught up on kids, wives, careers, health, and just life in general. It’s amazing how just a few minutes with a an old friend can fill up a missing space that you didn’t know was there.

Until about two weeks ago, I hadn’t talked to Eddie in years. Since that phone call two weeks ago, a friend that Eddie and I used to work with passed away. Tom was 51 and it’s my understanding that he died of heart failure unexpectedly. Tom was an easy going guy. Someone that lived in the moment and just enjoyed life.

It’s odd that my reconnecting with Eddie has happened so close to Tom’s passing. And I think it’s strange how quickly Eddie and I were able to fall back into our old selfs and catch up so easily. It quickly brought back positive memories for me of a simpler time. A time of work with a mission; hanging out at a bowling alley on a Tuesday afternoon. Of having a few beers with a friend on a Friday evening at a local brewery.

It’s occurred to me how great those years where for Carrie and I. How many of our friendships where forged during that time. Many of those friends have moved on to other things, but we still keep in touch with them; although not as often as I would like. It’s interesting that you seldom can appreciate the experience and relationships that you are making while you are making them. That time and distance are necessary ingredients to appreciate the things that define you.

Rest in peace, Tom. You may not have realized it, but you were loved and will be missed.