There is something about the unconditional love from a pet that makes you feel special. It has been so wonderful to have Keva and she has settled in so well. Here she is with Pickles, our latest foster pup. As a joke I sent Brian the Facebook post featuring Pickles from the rescue we work with. I never thought he would say “lets do it”. We had taken a break from fostering and since we have only had Keva about a month I didn’t think we were ready yet. I also thought we would be too late and that someone else had already picked him up to foster. Within a few hours of inquiring about him we were on our way to pick him up. I thought to myself “why the hell not!”

Keva is doing most of the work and he is mimicking everything she does. She is being so sweet and gentle. I knew she would be good with him but she continues to surprise me with her calm, caring nature.

Helping these sweet souls find their confidence and learn what love really means is so rewarding. Pickles is going to be a great pup and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye when it is time to go to his forever family. After just two days he will forever have a place in my heart.