Then Again

Tonight was Carrie’s opening for her latest works. The show is called Then Again and I think this is one of my favorite. I know, I say that every time. The reason I say this is because this show is an evolution of a theme that she has been working on for several years. This show is a reuse or reinvention of many pieces that have shown up in earlier shows. Many of these pieces were first displayed two years ago in Finding Serenity. Many other’s were in last year’s show Winter, a love story. In this show they find new life as new, original works, as we discover more of what Carrie is still uncovering in this story. I don’t think she’s done exploring this theme and I can’t wait to see what comes next.

I love this show for so many reasons. The pieces are great, but it’s the process that matters. I love that Care is back in the studio again. I love that she’s doing the thing that she loves and creating again. It’s been over a year since she has done any serious work in the studio and I love how she has pulled together the strength to get back in the studio and to get her creative juices flowing again.

Care’s last show was in December of 2014. The show ended in January or 2015. By the end of January she was too sick to take the show down. I had to bring the show down and the pieces got dumped in our basement where they sat neglected for a year. Then Again represents a rebirth, another chance to do something great. I’m so proud of Care for finding the strength to get back in the studio. And I’m grateful for all of those people that have encouraged and supported her.