Master plan

We recently visited family in Florida and it was wonderful to have a week off with nothing to do but spend time with the in-laws and take in the ocean view. I have many fond memories of growing up in Florida but it’s no secret that I was very eager to move a little further north. Going back is hard sometimes, for many reasons, but most of all I just can’t stand the heat. You see, I love winter. I love everything about it. Sure, it gets hot here in Tennessee too (and I’m a grumpy miserable mess the whole time), but Florida hot is on a whole other level. It was a great trip and the weather ended up being very pleasant.

I am very excited about an upcoming trip we have planned to North Carolina, the first of many scouting missions to come. It’s all part of our “master plan” to step back and re-evaluate our jobs, where we live, etc. We have so many questions about what lies ahead. I think we both want things to slow a bit so we can catch our breath. I’m hoping a nice long drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway will help. We have always been drawn to NC and there is something there for us. I’m not sure what that something is but we are ready to start looking for it.
Growing up near the ocean is a part of who I am and my artwork has always had an underlying theme: water. In my sketchbook I have written, “The Ocean may feed her soul but her heart belongs to the mountains”. It reminds me to stay connected to what I know but to not forget to listen to my heart. The mountains are calling and I’m aching to find something new to inspire me – and us – as we look for that next phase in our life together.