Feeling nostalgic 

Today is our wedding anniversary and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic thinking about our first few years of marriage. So much has happened in nineteen years. I’m thinking of our first fur babies that we raised and lost too soon, our move to Nashville, our first home, and all places we have visited together. We really have been fortunate.

I feel like a completely different person than I was all those years ago. Particularly this past year I think I have become more patient and less likely to feel anger. Sometimes I wonder how he every put up with me. He is so much nicer and understanding then I will ever be. Because of him I have learned (and still learning) how to live in the moment.

As we look ahead, there are big changes on the horizon for us. We are trying to figure it all out but realize how short our life together can be. We want to be in a place where we can slow down, do what we really love, and enjoy every minute of it.

I am grateful every day for his love and support. I should do better about letting him know that.