Seeds of Change

Dam it’s hot out here.

This is what I was thinking around mile 40 of a 50 mile day. I was on my bike somewhere in the rural Missouri countryside. For hours I had been working my way over the rolling countryside; winding my way between fields of corn, soy, and wheat. The weatherman claimed that high temperature for the day would be 97, but my bike computer told a different story as it reached 104. It’s hot out here.

After the wet spring, June has been a dry month for much of Missouri. The corn that enjoyed an early start is now curling it’s leaves. At the campground the night before the ground was hard and cracking between patches of brown grass. To get the perfect crop you need just the right amounts of nutrients in the soil, just the right amount of water, and sunlight. Sunlight is the thing that powers all life. It’s what allows the corn to grow in the first place. With too much sun and not enough water the corn feels stress and needs the conditions to find balance if it’s to survive.

I wonder if the farmer would have done something different if they knew this was going happen. Would they have delayed the planting of the crop? Or planted something altogether different? Or maybe install irrigation lines to help survive the season? Or what can they do differently for the next crop?

Life is sloppy and unpredictable and wonderful. It’s not always pretty and neat and it’s seldom what we expect and it’s always trying to find balance. My past has been filled with wonderful times and hard times. And those hard times can be really difficult and I have wondered how I can survive it. But this was only a season. The rain did come. And our roots are deeper for it. I know the season will change. The weather is already becoming cooler. The questions for our future feel heavier than before, but the answers aren’t so scary. The only question to really answer is what do we want? And to plant the right seeds for it.