Paw in hand

We have had Keva for about 8 months now and we recently celebrated her 2nd birthday. We are still getting to know each other and there is part of me that feels like she’s not yet 100% ours. We are almost there but something is still missing.

I often wonder what she was like as a puppy. I hate that I missed those early years and not having had the opportunity to hold and snuggle her. She’s very loving but not much of a snuggler. She likes to play and be petted but she will probably never want to lay her head in my lap or want to curl up on the sofa with me.

At bed time we invite her to lay with us but as soon as we turn the light out she gets down to sleep on her bed on the floor. The last few weeks she has been staying a little while longer. She and I have this game that we play. She gives me her paw and I scratch it and massage it. After a minute or two she switches paws. Back and forth, left paw, right paw. She stops and bathes my hand then we are back to it, left paw, right paw. Last night she let out a big sigh and laid her head on my leg. We fell asleep like that with her paw in my hand. She got up quietly during the night but never woke me up.

Maybe we are closer to 100% then I thought and just maybe I will make a snuggler out of her yet. This was a very special moment for me. It reminded me once again to stop and enjoy the simple, quiet and loving moments that life brings us.