The No TV Experience

I’ve written before about our cord cutting experience. I guess it’s been about 5 years now that we got rid of our cable subscription and move to streaming only. At the time we moved to an Apple TV and used it to rent movies or to stream Netflix. It’s worked well for us and for the most part I haven’t missed anything.

This article from the Washington Post caught my attention this morning and has reminded me of the benefit of no tv. This one goes farther than our cost reducing experiment of cutting our cable bill, to talking about the benefits of no tv watching. I have to admit, we stream quite a bit. It’s more intentional, but it’s still a distraction from things. It’s easy to get into Netflix vortex and binge watch an entire season of Stranger Things in a weekend.

When we moved to the apartment in January, we didn’t hook up the tv. We didn’t do this intentionally, but it turns out that getting our internet turned on here was going to be a headache. So we didn’t bother. We decided that we could get by with our cell phone service to do things like reading the news or catching up on the social medias. Streaming video over a cell service is definitely doable, if you have enough data allocations on your plan. We didn’t want to bump ours up, so our video watching has definitely gone on a diet these last few months.

So how do we spend our evenings? Well, most evenings we read or plays games. The weather has been getting warmer and the days longer so I’ve been able to get longer walks with Keva on the greenway. I checked my Amazon account, and I’ve read about 9 books since January. That’s up for me; especially since there are a few technical reference books in that mix and they tend to take me longer to get through. I’ve noticed that Carrie is churning through a few books a week as well right now.

Once we make the jump to Asheville, the plan is to hook the tv back up. This has left me a little nervous. I like how this is working right now. And I like not having a big black screen in the living room. Somehow it’s removal has just made things feel calmer and more comfortable than it was before. And I like spending time with my wife and not just sharing the space together. When we removed it the space changed. It was no longer the tv room, but it became our space. I know that we both want to watch the occasional movie on a screen that is not sitting on our lap, but somehow we need to hold on to this because we are better for it.