In Full Swing

Spring is in full swing. Every morning for the last three weeks I have been awoken by the songs of birds just before dawn. I get a cup of coffee and Keva and I head to the back yard to watch the sun rise over the trees. Some mornings our new friend Dolly drops by and dogs take a quick romp in the back yard.

The nights and mornings are still cool and there has been a lot of rain our first few weeks here. The rain has turned the mountains green and the plants are pushing their buds out. I was worried that we might miss this.

It is interesting how easy or hard a person can adapt to a place. When we moved to Nashville we modified our habits to fit our new lifestyles. Getting up earlier so we could beat rush hour. Adjusting our work environment to fit into beige boxes and florescent lights. Such is the rhythm of the city.

With our latest move I’ve noticed something interesting about how we have adjusted our routines. Where the city felt more ridged and I felt more compelled to fit my lifestyle into that place, here it feels the opposite. If anything, I feel like a decade of routine and habits are starting to unwind. It feels good to let the natural tendencies of our bodies just be what are.