Whale, shit. 

Whale, shit. 

(Using your best southern accent, say it out loud with me)

Whale, shit. 

Many thanks to Jessica Crouch with Wolverine Farm Letterpress for the card shown above.  It makes me laugh every time I see it. Unfortunately, it is the first thing I said after meeting with my oncologist on Monday. 

We had over two years cancer free. The latest scan shows a small tumor – about an inch – that wasn’t there six months ago. So back into surgery we go this coming Monday. The ugly scar on my belly is about to get even uglier. Thank goodness for yoga pants!

Honestly, I’m not at all surprised. I think this will be the new normal for me. Every couple of years something is going to pop up and we will deal with it. 

I’m so thankful that surgery is an option and the location is easy enough for removal. I’m thankful for health insurance. Most of all, I’m thankful for the love and support of a kick-ass husband, family and friends. 

I really am okay. No tears or feeling of fear here. After experiencing chemo this is a piece of cake. What I hate is the ripple effect that happens. Cancelling plans like hiking trips, birthday celebrations, and having to ask for help. 

Okay – enough of the bad news and on with the good – Asheville Rocks! 

It amazes me how easily we settled into our new routine. My studio space is amazing. My studio mates are amazing. Work is selling (follow me on Instagram @carriecoxstudio). Brian enjoys working from home. Keva has a best friend down the street. Our little rental house and neighborhood is fab. And best of all, we are spending together. Really meaningful memory-making time. 

Sending out much love from our little corner of the world. Please send out some positive vibes, good ju-ju, and prayers on Monday in the direction of Asheville. I’ll try to keep y’all posted. 

  • Jared Porter says:

    Love you, Carrie and Brian!

  • Diana says:

    Love you to the moon and back!! xoxoxooxoxoxo

  • Mary mackinnon says:

    You got this!
    Thinking of you…
    Love, Mary

  • Diana Cox says:

    We love both of you so much! 😘 You will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers on Monday and in the days after as you recover! Love your positive attitude! I know we are far away but please let us know if you guys need anything!

  • Mary van Valkenburg says:

    You are amazing, Carrie.

  • Michele Baker says:

    Carrie, love your open sincerity. I, too, love that Card. I’ll be chuckling about that all day. Of course you have our prayers on Monday. Hugz

  • Connie Lawrence-Willis says:

    Carrie…you are in my thoughts and prayers..I know we haven’t spent any time together in a long time but I always remember our time at Stetson with really fond memories and always enjoyed our time together there…I know you have a great support team based on your posts…I want you to know that I wish the absolute best for you..just keep the positive energy and feel the love sent your way…please know if you ever need me or need to talk I will be here for you!… Good luck with everything Carrie..keep enjoying Ashvillle!

  • Anne Vawter says:

    Thanks for the update Carrie. I will be praying-I’m disappointed to hear this news but am grateful that you’re keeping your spirits up and I’m so glad you and Brian are loving life in Asheville. Blessings to you this week, Anne

  • Karen york says:

    Love to you Carrie.